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There's a couple of natural springs I know of locally, what is interesting is they have a pulse. They don't just flow regularly, they pulse. One of them pulses in a weird kind of way. If you sit there long enough it pulses regularly for about 5 minutes, then it pauses for about 30 seconds, then a big gush, then back to the regular pulses. Then it just keeps repeating it. I was down at Chatfield fishing a couple years ago and the pond I was at just erupted, the whole dang pond was filled with bubbles from some kind of burp. Never seen it before, haven't seen it since. Just a burp. I love this kind of stuff, makes life interesting. I guess it's not that unusual since Yellowstone is only 400 miles away, but it sure does make life interesting here.
Keep in mind that everything in the universe is electrical... especially the sun and the planets. Then realize that water is a diamagnetic substance.

As for the bubbles... that could be scary..many of these lakes and ponds have gaseous emissions... there was an event not long ago where a whole town died from a huge gas emissions from a lake.

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