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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i think that the Gase decision reflects what we all know. Manning doesn't like changes in his routine. he is very tight with and very loyal to his coaches.
he likes everything to be the same so that he can focus on things.

Gase already has Manning's trust and can help keep the continuity with the entire offense and the key players in it.
i think it's very important that we get a RB in the draft to help elevate the running game and allow Manning to hand off more and take less hits.
i have no issue with Gase getting the job, i half expected it.
only thing i wanted was for him to get more seasoning before taking the role as the OC. but he's more than likely ready for the job.
Fox hasn't been wrong in most of his coaching staff choices so i can't question this one.
It was reported that Gase was being groomed to take over the OC spot when McCoy was tapped for a HC position (as has been anticipated for a while) before Manning signed with Denver. I think he will be great at it and be an asset to Maning.
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