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Well, looks like Tony Carter is an he will remain a Bronco.

I think the Broncos started out the game in Cover 1, in order to practice it to get ready for the Patriots. Bailey was the only DB playing man coverage. That is the coverage I thought they would employ (in order to be able to stop the running game with a 4-man line). It didn't work.

After the Broncos got beat several times deep, they reverted back to a Cover 2 shell. Unfortunately, that leaves only 6 men in the box...which the Broncos could not use to stop the Patriots running game unless they had a major upgrade at either SS or MLB (the Ravens stopped the Broncos running game out of Nickel personnel the entire game).

Would drafting Minter enable the Broncos to stop the Ravens/Patriots running game with 6 in the box? Can the Broncos ever effectively play Cover 1 with their current personnel?
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