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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
I was pretty okay with the result of the game after this long. Just watched this for the first time....

Now I am back to the anger stage. The officiating in this game was just criminal. We got screwed so many times.

The only one of these that I can agree with its the Boldin catch...He did regain control although the ground helped him. It probably should not have been overturned. All the rest we got jobbed on.

Edit: The tuck play is also too close to call. Peyton did get it back to his body and get a second hand on it...although not really secured.
I can see the DT call early in the game as it looked like he caused the defender to fall with a shove. Carter seems to have ridden the Wide Receiver out of bounds. As for Hester getting butt ****ed by Suggs, what the hell was the center ref looking at? Hester was going to the ground before the ball got to Hester. That is an automatic first down.
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