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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I've followed the Cards almost as closely as I have my Broncos. I hear the daily sports radio here in phoenix and they go over this team almost every day. The Cards have used high draft picks for that o-line and have brought in FA's. And there's not 1 player on that line that looks to be improved since he was brought in. If you're saying Grimm can coach a probowl type offensive linemen, then ok, I can go there. But this dude is not going to help improve these players and as a unit they're not all that either. He's very highly over rated. He's been Wiz's b**** almost his entire coaching career. I don't think you will see anybody pick him up this year, which should tell you something about him. He was a great player but, as we found out with many more like Singletary, not a great coach, at all. But if you want him, I will be MORE then happy to see him as your OL coach.
Who are these high draft picks you speak of?

2012 4 112 Bobby Massie
2012 5 151 Senio Kelemete
2012 7 221 Nate Potter

2011 NONE

2010 NONE

2009 5 167 Herman Johnson
2009 7 254 Trevor Canfield

2008 7 225 Brandon Keith

2007 1 5 Levi Brown

2006 2 41 Deuce Lutui

Look at their o-line roster. It's full of journeymen and nobodies. The only guy even worth mentioning is Levi Brown and he's not all that.

They've ignored their o-line just like the Chargers have and it's no surprise that those two have the worst o-lines in the league. And it's also no surprise their GM and AJ Smith both got run out of town.
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