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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
Champ had a bad game. It was his only one this season. It happens to everyone. Chris Harris is an up and coming star, and he does have enough speed to cover the deep threats. He's a 4.48 guy in shorts, and plenty fast on the field.
Omar Bolden was a rookie. I'll give him at least 2 years before I write him off as not being good. Could we use an upgrade at the nickel corner? Yes, but what team doesn't? We're in better shape at CB than most of the teams in the NFL.
The Broncos lost in the playoffs because they were dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Manning took more hits than Flacco, and had a lot less time to throw throughout the game.
Okay, here are some facts:

1. The only big run of the day was directly after Manning fumbled on the Broncos 37 yard line (Ray Rice for 32 yards). Without that run, the Broncos give up 99 yards on 29 carries to Rice (3.4 ypc), and 5 carries for 14 yards to Pierce (2.8 ypc). The Broncos proved all year that they could stop the run, finishing in the top 5...that didn't change in the playoffs.

2. The Denver Broncos led the NFL in sacks (51) with 8 of them coming from the DT position (Wolfe 6, Vickerson 2).

3. The Broncos had a MAJOR problem guarding TE's all year long. Giving up a crucial 3rd down conversion to Pitta late in the playoff game, moving the Ravens closer to scoring position.

5. The Broncos DB's got beat SEVERAL times over-the-top in the playoffs against Flacco and the Raven speed WR's (Smith and Jones).

5. Champ Bailey is 35 years old.

You can claim that the Broncos Defensive Line got "blown off" the ball, all you want. But it simply isn't true. While upgrading Vickerson would be nice, he actually played well this year, and the stat's prove it. Vickerson finished with 40 tackles and 2 sacks. Any rookie you bring in, would be a back-up NT, and would see the field <50% of the time (if that). I'm always for upgrading the DL with a 1st round draft pick, but this year it's a luxury that the Broncos can't afford.

Now, the Broncos Offensive Line did get "blown off" the ball. Kuper was limping, and shouldn't have been on the field. IMO he's done, he should retire. If you want to talk about drafting an Offensive Lineman in the 1st round, we can do that.

Following your draft scenario, the Broncos go into 2013 with the same exact problems on Offense and Defense that they had this year...which we're exploited by the Ravens...and will be exploited by every good team until they are fixed.
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