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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Amerson would not excel in zone or at FS, he doesn't like to tackle. I cannot fathom where you and SoCal are coming up with this.
I'm starting to think more and more you don't really see much of Amerson play or do a generally poor job overall in grading out cornerbacks on their respective styles of play. You've been arguing non-sense for quite some time and I've had a hard time biting my tongue on and not being condescending about it.

He is not fast (won't run better than a 4.45) and his best skills are reading the eyes of the QB and then making an attack on the ball. He isn't going to have the luxury of doing that in man coverage (especially press) and as mentioned earlier, operates under a heavy zone scheme in college. That is why they had him at field corner with the Pack.

I've talked to over a dozen NC State fans the past few days about Amerson, their scheme (to see if it lined up with what I had said) and they all have the same feelings as me about him. They think he is a good player, but needs to be in the right scheme to succeed. A lot of them said zone corner, or he will have to make a move like Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Godfrey or Tanard Jackson made in the NFL to make up for not being able to play man. I even had a few long-time faithful state that 85% + of the coverages they ran this year were strictly zone.

If you saw the Miami and Tennessee games this year, you can see where SoCal and I are coming from. He did all right against FSU.
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