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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I think that having a guy like Sharrif Floyd at DT, who can create an interior pass rush out of the 4 man front, makes our secondary that much better. With Wolfe, Doom and Von rushing from the edges, that creates one on ones for Floyd. Since I've been saying the same thing for years (about various pass rushing DTs) and the Broncos obviously don't agree, I assume I'm wrong about that.
Maybe only me but I always thought that the Broncos put guys up front to protect an often inadequate MLB (especially since Wilson retired) by keeping blockers away from the next level and playing decent run defense. If there's an interior rush to go along with that then it was always a bonus. Personally feel if you draft a guy like Floyd and start him you better have a guy beside him that can take on 2 and keep the OL off the LB'ers, cos we currently dont have anyone near a playmaker there in the middle and dont even start me on their coverage skills.
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