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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
They are looking into it,it is part of the 23 executive actions that he signed. Universal background checks would address a lot of what you're saying. Does no good to strengthen laws regarding the mentally Ill if they can just go to a gun show & by a gun without a BG check.
I'm not talking strengthening the laws for the mentally ill, I'm talking about getting the mentally ill more help. My wife and I have a good friend who works for the MHMR (Mentally Handicapped Mentally Retarded) here in Killeen and was told that in April they are closing it down because the funding has been cut. Now there is only going to be 2 MHMR within a 4 county radius which encompasses approximately 1.3 million people. That's 31 employees to cover 1.3 million. 3 offices are closing total in those 4 counties. That's the issue not gun laws or laws regarding mental issues.

Just so I'm clear I support background checks and a ban on these ridiculously huge ammo clips. I can go either way on a ban of AR's but that's about it.
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