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Originally Posted by Elway 4 Life View Post
This whole gun arguement is getting so far out of hand. People are fighting about the wrong issues. Let's take the last 3 big gun violence incidents. The Aurora, Sandy Hook, and AZ congresswoman all had one thing in common, the shooters were absolutely bananas. This is more of an issue in my eyes. The parents should have never had weapons of any kind unlocked and readily available. Everyone in there lives should have practiced much better SA.

I live in Killeen, TX. which is right next to Ft Hood the largest military installation in the free world and see the effects of mental issues daily. Hell with gun laws we need to get a better grasp on the mental issues that are rampant in this country. PTSD is a huge issue with soldiers coming back and there is currently nothing being done to get these guys help. This administration needs to attack this issue with the ferocity that its attacking guns.
They are looking into it,it is part of the 23 executive actions that he signed. Universal background checks would address a lot of what you're saying. Does no good to strengthen laws regarding the mentally Ill if they can just go to a gun show & by a gun without a BG check.
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