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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post

What difference does it make? The real culprit was your defense was awful. Dont blame the refs for your defense choking.

However, of what you have up there i will say the PI call on Bailey imo was a bad call.

I actually like the play by Carter on that play he was called and ....if anything it is illegal contact and that would be valid.

The Manning fumble imo was indeed a fumble. His arm wasnt going forward and he pulled it in against his body and then lost it. It could have gone either way really but i think it was the right call.
I hate the tuck rule. Im an advocate of the defense trying to stop the offense from making plays and it shouldnt matter if he tucked it down. If he fumbles, he fumbles and that rule is stupid.

Boldins catch was a catch. Wasnt really close imo. Had his hand on it the whole time and it is the refs call whether or not the ground helped him get control and imo, it didnt. He always had control. Catch all the way.

As for PI calls, i think they called too often and it wussifies the game imo.They need to let them play more than they do.
Cant remember which team got a PI called on them on this one but the defender had a hand on the WR's shoulder but it didnt interfere in the WR him from being able to catch the ball so i didnt agree with that one either. Not like he was yanking on him at all.
The last one you are talking about was called for holding, not PI. You know, because he held him.
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