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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Then you better get some wide receivers worth a damn because he doesn't have a Fitzgerald. He didnt do anything with Fitz and the **** Stains as wide outs so how is he going to do anything with the Royal Crapolas at the Gates of Hell?
Of course Fitz struggled last year. Arizona's o-line was just as bad as the Chargers and look at the sad sacks they had at QB last year.

O-line, cornerback and running back are the biggest needs for the Chargers so if I had to guess, they're going to focus on those before thinking about recievers.

I think McCoy and Wisenhunt can figure out how to use Meachem and Royal better than Norv did. I think just about anyone could do better than Norv in that department. Vincent Brown and Floyd will be back as well. And Spurlock really surprised everyone playing slot towards the end of the year. While that isn't a scary group of receivers, there's enough talent there to do well if they're used properly. Building up the o-line and running game is far more important though.

BTW, to the other poster above, Russ Grimm is a pretty well respected o-line coach and I wouldn't mind him coming here. The Cardinals o-line was just completely void of talent last year, just like the Chargers o-line was.
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