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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
Champ had a bad game. It was his only one this season. It happens to everyone. Chris Harris is an up and coming star, and he does have enough speed to cover the deep threats. He's a 4.48 guy in shorts, and plenty fast on the field.
Omar Bolden was a rookie. I'll give him at least 2 years before I write him off as not being good. Could we use an upgrade at the nickel corner? Yes, but what team doesn't? We're in better shape at CB than most of the teams in the NFL.

The Broncos lost in the playoffs because they were dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Manning took more hits than Flacco, and had a lot less time to throw throughout the game.
Everyone wants to go sexy with picks, CB, WR, RB. When it is the LOS play that determines the outcome of 90% of games and almost all of the important ones those being the playoffs.

We got our asses kicked on the LOS in the last two playoff games. Not being able to get the tough couple of yards when we have to having four more points in the first minutes of the game could have turned that game upside down. With the crows turning belly up like they did in the first game with the pick six just before half time.

But we will never know because our big uglies got their asses kicked by the crows. On the other side as you said if you get pressure on flacko he panics and long balls do not get thrown. That is his ony strength long balls the rest of his game well is weak at best. No pressure defense kills the DBs and allows the WRs to get under the long balls.

We lost it at the LOS fix that and the rest of the players will look loads better.
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