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Originally Posted by jerseyboiler120 View Post
I don't think it will change his place in Bronco or NFL history. He's had a game here and there like this over the past few seasons, but most corners do. It does show his age, but at the same time every good game he plays defies his age.

What angers me most though is the first td never should have been an offensive play for the ravens. The refs gave them a freebie first down on that grossly ticky-tack PI call on Carter.
I don't think it was even ticky-tack. I think it was straight up wrong. Corners have the right to any spot they wish as long as they don't impede the receiver. Carter immediately established textbook position and carried it through the play.

The ONLY thing you can quibble about was the fact he was turned the wrong direction early in the play. However he corrected without initiating contact and simply carried his position through the play.

It was *perfect* coverage and a terrible call.
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