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Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
Ok I just have to say that getting Ryan Swope would be BADASS!! I would LOVE that pick. I haven't even really thought of that. He would be the guy to replace Stokley. Oh man, I might start a new thread just about him now.

Also, do you really think Denver is going to be looking at DE's like that with Jason Hunter coming back next year? I think that position is pretty well taken care of. I want Minter in the 1st round if he is there at 28, then a CB in the 2nd, then SWOPE in the 3rd!
I like Hunter don't get me wrong I just love what Hunt could do to the DL. He is raw, but he is a monster. I think of Justin Smith ability with him. Malliciah Goodman is technically sound with pass rushing ability. Would give the team more flexibility with the DL. Cornellius Carradine would be a first rounder had he not got hurt.
Sheldon Richardson can play DE/DT in our system so that would make him a possibility.
Jesse Williams might be a cheaper option the resigning Vickerson. Who would thought that going into the off season.

If we could land Smith to play MLB for us we are going to be way better off. I think he will get somewhere between Joe Mays and DJ Williams money. Trufant will get about a million so that takes care of what Florence made. That leaves about 4 million to replace Porter. Cox or Mathis from Jags would be my first guess for that.
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