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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I would like to see Daryl Smith brought in for MLB, Derek Cox and Marcus Trufant brought in for CBs.

1st round Jesse Williams DT or Sheldon Richardson DT
2nd round Margus Hunt DE or Stedman Bailey WR
3rd round Malliciah Goodman DE, Cornellius Carradine DE or Ryan Swope
4th round Rex Burkhead
5th round Duke Williams SS
7th round Blaize Foltz, OG
If we get Williams I would want Bailey then either Goodman or Carradine. If we got Richardson I would prefer Hunt then Swope.
Ok I just have to say that getting Ryan Swope would be BADASS!! I would LOVE that pick. I haven't even really thought of that. He would be the guy to replace Stokley. Oh man, I might start a new thread just about him now.

Also, do you really think Denver is going to be looking at DE's like that with Jason Hunter coming back next year? I think that position is pretty well taken care of. I want Minter in the 1st round if he is there at 28, then a CB in the 2nd, then SWOPE in the 3rd!
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