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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
Everybody gets bad calls against them...
True. But there's about 8-9 calls on that video and only about 3 of them are even questionable. The others are all clearly bad calls and all of the questionable ones go against the Broncos. And they're huge calls! Thomas gets blatantly tripped on what would have been a TD catch. The Ravens get a pick-6 on a blatant PI. That's 14 points right there! That holding call took away a Denver first down and forced a punt. A couple of the bad PI calls on Denver extended Baltimore drives and they scored on at least one of them. I don't know how you can act like that doesn't matter. The Broncos were clearly robbed multiple times and yet it still took an epic blunder of a play to put Baltimore in a position to win the game.

It's true that the Broncos didn't play very well. But it's also true that the refs almost certainly altered the outcome of the game with those calls. The Broncos weren't quite good enough that day to overcome them.

So to you first question, what difference does it make? A loss vs. a win. So, in other words, a pretty big difference.

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