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I seriously doubt the Ravens get away with mugging the Patriot receivers in
Foxborough. There's no home town calls quite like the Patriots get. I was hoping we might benefit from the same, I was horribly wrong.
Normally I would agree re:the Pats, but the over-the-top cooing over Ray Lewis's retirement it a tad too calculated. It just seems like the moment he made his grand announcement, the storyline was set. Lewis "fights" his way back from a triceps injury to lead the team (that everyone counted out) to a Super Bowl, "avenging" last year's AFC Championship game loss on the way. A Ravens win this weekend would not surprise me one bit, but I will be rooting for the Pats for the first time in my life.

BTW, I don't think games are blatantly rigged but I do think that you can make life harder or easier for one team or the other by putting the right refs on the officiating crew. I thought it was interesting how often the Broncos offensive drives got stopped, thus giving the Ravens defense a break and neutralizing the altitude advantage. And what do you know, the media talking heads this week have been marveling over how the Ravens were able to overcome travel and fatigue and play oh so well.
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