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Originally Posted by Rother8 View Post
I had no problem with
1- the tuck rule on Peyton
2- the Boldin catch
3(ish)- the PI on Carter in the 1st quarter

The Champ PI, Decker offensive PI, and the Kuper hold were literally laughable. I challenge anyone to find one holding call in a goalline or short-yardage situation. Defenders come flying in, it's impossible to call that unless you are a full fledged dumbass.

I'm indifferent on the Demaryius incidental tripping call. Defender was clearly not looking to make a play on the ball, still tough call though.

My knee-jerk reaction to the calls that game were if Dan Dierdof is b****ing and moaning about calls against Denver, Vinovinch can vault off a cliff.
I think your post is fair except the one DT non-call I bolded. That was blatant. The defender knew he was beat and intentionally tripped him. That was basically a TD taken off the board.
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