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1. PI on Carter should have been illegal contact, but if thats called, the DT one should have also, it was more obvious.

2. The tuck rule, I can see how it wasn't overturned, tough call

3. The Boldin Catch was another one that is too close to call, OK to stick with the call on the field.

But the rest were horrible. That is 5 bad calls that changed field position, led directly to points or TO's (which led to points) or stopped a drive that would have ran the clock out at half, and given a better chance at a FG or a TD (Hester).

The Thomas call was the only one that didn't make much difference as we eventually scored a TD anyway, but it makes the Carter PI look worse.

All that combined, and the Broncos still should have won. This is the kind of game you never get over.
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