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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Funny that you don't think either arms or education are at all helpful to an insurgency. What exactly do these Afghani fighters have going for them? Do their balls hang super low?

I assume you're talking .223, but tell me, if there's no practicality, then why this?
Their balls do indeed hand super low. They live hard lives with different values on life, and individuality. The same mentality that made the Japanese dangerous in the pacific theater. Americans don't posses that mentality as citizens, Texans maybe, but the largest population sources in the us are to diplomatic to crawl in tunnels.

I was referring to .223, I mistyped that on my phone.

Your article is in reference to an officer who is more than likely opperating in a tactical unit, not your average street cop. Yes, swat teams use paramilitary tactics, however their targets are often high risk, high threat criminals.
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