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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
The only reason Hitler would even come up is the usual attempts to wield him as a weapon.

Regardless of that, the Founding Fathers made it clear in their writings that the main motivator behind the 2nd amendment was self-defense from perils both external and internal. We've seen enough examples in history of what can happen when a citizenry has no ability to fight a government with a strong centralized power base. It's just too damned dangerous.

Unfortunately there are those who want us disarmed and make no hesitation to cash in on the bodies of children and movie-goers to do it.
No ****. The NRA, gun manufacturers and dealers are hitting another home run. They are shameless.

Joe Scarborough accused the NRA and gun manufacturers on Friday of making "millions of dollars" off of the "slaughter" in Newtown.

Gun sales have surged in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre and the White House's stated plan to tighten gun laws.

Scarborough, who changed his views on guns after the killings, said that Republicans were wrong to try to block the new measures, and that they were beholden to gun manufacturers and the gun lobby:

"This is not about protecting the Second Amendment. This is about gun manufacturers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. This is about retailers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Do you know how much money these people have made over the slaughter of 20 innocents in Newtown? Do you know how much richer these rich gun manufacturers have gotten over the past month and how the NRA uses that tragedy to gin up fears and websites use that tragedy to gin up fears that they're coming to take your guns away? Hey, got a message for you. They can't take your guns away."
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