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Hard to say. Two of the three biggest games of his career - the AFCCG in Mile High, and now this last one at Mile High - he got burnt. The Div game at Mile High in 2006 against NE he played very well, but lost the ball when Ben Watson hammered him about the 5 yd line. Could have been called a touchback and NE ball at the 20. The play was reviewed because the ball went out of the endzone after Champ fumbled.

He got burnt pretty bad in the AFCCG against Pitt, gave up two passing TD's in the redzone, missed that easy pick six in Pitt territory.

The good teams that are feeling bold are gonna go after him if he's one-on-one in a playoff game. They have to challenge him on the road, and if they're successful it gives their entire team a boost.
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