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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Williams is pretty raw, and with the "Manning window" in mind I think they will target someone who can help right away. DTs usually don't make a big impact their first season regardless, and especially not someone who needs a lot of polishing like Williams. Also, I'm not certain we invest a pick in the top 3 rounds on a back again when they just invested in Hillman. If they do, I would expect more of a power back to compliment him.
If Elway was drafting just for the "Manning window", he never would have used a 2nd round pick on Osweiller. He's building this team the way all great GM's do. You take the BPA, and if there are 2 or 3 different ones with the same ranking there when you pick, you take the one that fullfills a position of need. If not, you just take the BPA.
Hillman is a nice change of pace back. I don't see him ever being an every down back in the NFL. His pass protection is dreadful. Gillislee can come in and step into that role right away. He's a solid every down back in the NFL with the potential to be a stud starter.
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