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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Gutless Drunk View Post
Man, when you compare the no PI call on Decker to the PI call on Champ it's ****ing criminal
It really is criminal!!

And someone should go post this over at the Ravens board .. I would but they wont let me in anymore , even though I was perfectly civil and made no derogatory comments about any fan there nor any Raven player or coach whatsoever. They just didn't like a Bronco fan correcting some of the Raven's fans misperceptions about our team as was prevalent the weak before the game.

I fully acknowledged on the Ravens board that their "team was a good one and could very well win, however unlikely that would be in Denver, but only when and if the Broncos under-performed relative to their season average quality of play on both sides of the ball ....AND ... the Ravens played inspired high quality Ravens ball as good as any game this season for 60+ minutes ... AND ... the refs have a big hand in assisting a Ravens upset'

Alas, it turns out those unlikely caveats were completely prophetic, giving Nostradamus a run for his money! Yet, apparently that was too upsetting for their delicate Mods.

Very anal, Nazi-like childish rules over there frankly, makes me appreciate the OM and our Mods all the more.

I even tried to post my promised crow-eating congrats after the debacle and wished the Ravens success in knocking off the Brady Bunch this weekend, but no such luck, I was still locked out.

Anyway, this video is a compelling compilation and it's a fact that the Raven fans would find it impossible to compile a similar video showing any where near as many terrible and questionable calls that went against them in that game! Certainly none with close to the impact on the game outcome as the hatchet job that Head Ref whose Name shall not be uttered here, pulled on Bronco Nation.

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