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You were at the interview?
This is a joke :

… He called plays on multiple series in some late games, but wouldn’t reveal which ones they were or whether they resulted in touchdowns. “I’m not telling,” he said.

… Gase was impressed with the progress of quarterback Brock Osweiler. “He grew up so fast,” Gase said. “He really prepared as though he was going in on the next snap … he really pushed himself to do things right … to see that guy grow as fast as he did, I really enjoyed watching that.”

… Gase will hand off quarterback-coaching duties to a new hire and will not assume a dual role.

… He hasn’t decided whether he will call plays from the sideline or the booth.

… The notion that Manning was a de facto offensive coordinator was dismissed. “Peyton wants to be coached,” Gase said, adding that he learned how to be on point, because there was no end to how many questions Manning would ask. Gase also said Manning tweaked calls. “If you call something and it’s not good, he fixes it and puts you in a better play,” he said.

… Gase defended the kneeldown decision at the end of regulation Saturday. “As Fox said, it was best for our guys to regroup at the time, get to overtime & try to win it,” Gase said.


Maybe we can bring back McHoodie's little bro as QBs coach?
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