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Have read nothing but good things about Gase. Started here as McDaniels WR coach. Promoted by Fox/Elway to QB coach, and now to be molded by Peyton Manning as an Offensive Coordinator.

The reason I like this move: I believe this is Peyton Manning's choice as much as anyone, and I favor any move that puts Peyton Manning's indelible stamp on this team. Why this is important to me - I believe that Peyton Manning is going to have a coaching career past football. Football is in his DNA in a way that being in the front office won't satisfy him. He is going to always want to be involved in the X's and O's. Anything that can be done now to make Denver an attractive option for him, I am in favor of.

Adam Gase may very well be the next Denver Broncos head coach, with Peyton Manning as his OC.
There's no way in hell they picked him over Whisenhunt. That deal fell through and Gase was the fall-back. This is a joke and I hate this pick.

As for PFM being OC.. Uh...
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