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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Its a pretty false argument to pretend nothing exists between this and what we just witnessed last Saturday.

I was hoping for an OC with the credibility to at least challenge Foxy to rethink through some things. Nothing against Gase but coming up from within its hard to see him being in a position to do that.
There is a difference between a guy that has influence to get some concessions on aggressive play calling, and a guy that comes in and all of a sudden the offensive side of the ball looks like an arena football team. I exaggerated my example, but the point is that a total transformation of offensive philosophy was not going to happen. Not while Fox is coach. Period.

Being so young, maybe Gase is more aggressive than McCoy, and maybe Fox will give him some leeway when he proves himself. Maybe he is not, but we really don't know. However, I for one, am interested in finding out.
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