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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Good historical perspective. Now how about that American Revolution against the most powerful nation on the planet? Possibly the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. How did that go?

The 2nd was written in the hopes that that spirit of resistance would never be undermined. The fact that you'd like it effectively repealed because we're too apathetic to use it is one of the more ironic things I've ever read.

And "highly capable populaces"

We're held at bay by a militant minority with third grade educations who believe they're defending their homeland. We won't win there (like in Vietnam) because it means more to them than it does to us. Which is no different than what would happen if your government started rolling over neighborhoods with tanks.

Sure you can kill a lot of people that way. But you can't govern them.
Capable is relative to their ability to wage warfare (gorilla warefare to be specific), not their ability to read and write. Ironically the Americans turned the tides of the revolution when they altered their strategic outline to fit a more Gorilla approach, something I don't see modern Americans being capable of.

It's not that I don't want Americans to uphold their right, I never said that, what I was arguing is the responsibility of Americans rights. There is no practical argument for assult weapons or high capacity magazines. Hand guns, rifles, and shotguns are great, Military style assult weapons? Come on. Do you understand the ballistic conciquences of a .323 ordinance? There is 0 practicality for such a tool in any capacity in the United States. Those rounds are designed for anti-personnel purposes only.
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