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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
When the second amendment was incorporated into the constitution, the term arms was used in reference to muskets. It would take a skilled soldier up to a minute to reload a musket. The writers of the second amendment had no way of conceiving what an "arm" would become, seeing as the idea of individualized semiautomatic weapons came into play 100 years after its ratification. In order to orchestrate a mass murder on the scale of those seen in the United States over the previous decade in the late 1700s, one would have to enlist the services of a small army.
It's all relative. Back then the military had muskets and so did the average joe rancher. The military has assault weapons so does joe rancher. If we want to scale back capabilities of weapons then why not ask the government to adhere to same laws they intent to put on the public?

Also as far as your reference to police. They are some of the worst criminals on the streets. Had a cop as tenant once. His wife turned out to be a hooker and they were stealing goods from the GOOD WILL. The ****ing goodwill! When I evicted the COP they left a pile of stolen goods. I tried to report it his cop boss who turned a blind eye.
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