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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
All semiautomatic weapons pose a greater threat, however shotguns and pistols are limited because of recoil. Some pistols should only be in the hands of law enforcement, just ask a police officer next time you get a chance.
This right here shows someone who has zero understanding of the second amendment's intentions.

You are inclined to believe what you want, but if its the Government you are afraid of you should just leave. If the US decided to come down on its citizens, anyone willing to resist would be annihilated, so you can pretend your suped up .22 is going to save your life, but its not.
Yeah, that's why Afghanistan is going so swimmingly, AMIRITE? Our government imposes its will with ease.

BTW, I'm sure it would help your average Cop quite a bit from time to time if he could set aside the 4th amendment as well. Imagine how good they could 'protect' us if they could just conduct random searches and seizures through violent neighborhoods. I mean after all, our government would never abuse their power or anything. They're just here to protect us, so that Amendment should probably get the axe too, while we're at it.
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