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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I like it. Kind of. I think Bailey goes Late 2nd and I think Gillislee goes in the 3rd or 4th, so in my mind, I'm just switching those two around.

I'm not sold on Jesse Williams yet, but I'm very intrigued. My biggest issue is with his complete lack of production. I know he's hulkish strong and should be a workout warrior of sorts, but he's so raw that it's pretty scary for a 1st round pick. I have no idea where his draft stock will end up. Right now, I'd put him more in the mid round area. There was a ton of hype on Josh Chapman last year around this time as a 1st Rounder, whom put up similar stats, but he ended up in the 6th I think.

So, I'm making a unilateral change and going with Kevin Minter in Round 1. And then, since Trindon Holiday isn't going anywhere, and we drafted Bailey in Round 2, I'm going to make another change, and have us take DT AJ Francis in the 4th (If Jesse Williams isn't still there).

So, yeah, I like it.

1) Kevin Minter
2) Stedman Bailey
3) Mike Gillislee
4) AJ Francis
6) James Wilson
7) Brandon McGee

Excellent draft.
I like it too, MUG.
I wasnt to big on Williams right away, and i dont think they will take a DT high, but its a sensible pick, and fills a problem area.
Its just his technique and overall knowledge of the DT spot as an NFL player that i would be a bit worried about, but great attempt at filling a need.
I like the Gillislee pick, and i have mentioned him numerous times as a player that fits well in the DEN offense but is missed by many. He really was a workhorse player for FLA this year. Mug is more than likely right, he will be there in the 3rd, and Bailey will be long gone by the end of the 2nd round. Theres a number of these speedy, quick, smallish WR's in this draft, and teams are gonna use their 2nd to take a luxury/impact player.
Speed kills in the NFL and teams know it.
The 4th round and 6th round picks are the best picks of your mock!!!
Love the Denard Robinson pick, however he sorta cancels out the Bailey pick in a way. Plus Holliday is pretty darn good at KR/PR. Just saying. Bailey is good, but i am not so sure Decker would move inside to the slot, but that Bailey would actually go there.
James Wilson i totally missed so far. Great pick, and a big mauler with a lot of upside. I had the Center for FLA in one of my mocks, but nice find!!

Overall, an intruiging mock with some real suprises!
Good job!
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