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Pssst... they have anarchists and marxists because they're a leftist organization.
ANSWER was founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark who not unsurprisingly served under Jimmy Carter. When I was a leftist I loved the guy. His organization enjoys holding mock "war crimes tribunals" selectively against the US in which the great capitalist hegemon pig is always found guilty on all counts.

Considering the crowd that organization attracts and associates with, it's safe to say Clark is a full-blown Marxist. At least once he went to Colombia with a delegation of other Marxist moonbats (such as Workers World Party members) and posted a picture of himself in pow wow with FARC leadership. FARC is an openly Marxist guerilla insurgency movement which supports itself by drug dealing, arms smuggling, and kidnappings for ransom.

A sister organization of ANSWER is the IAC; the International Action Center. It's all Clark's work and they have the same radical left-wing goals. Their ideals are straight from the rectal chutes of Marx and Engels.
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