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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
A couple of things here about Moore:

1. He is Not a good NFL safety. He is what coaches call serviceable as a FS. Did he improve this year? Absolutely. He was a much more reliable tackler. However, he was shaky all year in pass coverage and had a solid pass rush hide his deep ball liabilities for most of the season.

2. The lack of coaching for Moore was atrocious. JDR, Ron Milus, and Sam Garnes are not sleeping well at all right now for botching that rush three, five under, 3 deep play where the DAMN safety never flipped his hips to keep depth and tried to backpedal to a deep ball.

Mistake 1: WTF does he care about the TE in front of HIM?!? You want them to throw it in front of you Dumbass! That eats up clock and stops playcalling options!

Mistake 2:Why was he reading the underneath routes at all in that situation? Poor coaching, and even worse situational awareness by a kid who is over his head covering deep still.

Mistake 3: He let the WR get deeper than him. This alone is unforgivable for a safety anytime. That is a safety's primary job in coverage all the time. In that situation, he deserves to be ridiculed for that alone.

Mistake 4: What ******g technique was that? He never once flipped his hips and tracked the ball while running backwards. Then, he tried to make a play on the ball instead of making a tackle! That is the selfish part, and its un-disciplined coaching too. He made the same error earlier this year and no one corrected it, because he did it again at the worst possible time.

3. Coaching blunders: Why not invite the short throw and rush 4? It is not like they were getting any pressure all game anyway and could even think they could with just 3! Then, play quarters coverage all day with umbrella principles to funnel all catches in bounds? WTF are you playing that crap coverage in the first place?

So, while Moore totally blew it, I do not want to hear he makes that play in practice 99 out of a 100 times! There is no way he could by making 3 mental errors and 2 technical errors on that play. He showed he had no idea how to play that coverage and he proved it to the detriment of the team.

I told you guys all year, the stories of his improvement were overrated. I admitted he became a much more solid tackler. However, no one wanted to listen when I brought up how undisciplined he was in coverage and how occasionally lost he was. Unfortunately for all of us, Rahim showed us just how bad that really was on that one play.
The one thing about his technique you didn't touch on is that he he lines up near the hash mark in a 3 safety cover 3 look, in that situation you have to be aware that the sideline is the most dangerous place, any seam or post route you will have help from the middle safety (Leonard), but on a sideline pass you are going to be alone so you have to start going wide and work back inside, instead of starting inside and work out.

I fully agree his coverage was never good this year, he is slow to read and react and doesn't close on the ball well at all - sadly we don't really have any safeties on the active roster right now who does that well.

Putting the entire blame on Rahim Moore for that one play is revisionist history, while it is clear that Tony Carter is responsible for preventing the come-back route he shouldn't stop early and give the WR a 10 yard cushion, even against a deep come-back Flacco could put that ball behind Carter for a completion.
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