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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
This doesn't really happen in the college game though. But that's why i think a version of the "flagrant foul" might not be the worst idea. Or make them reviewable. I'd be open to that
A lot of things do not really happen in the college game that happen in the NFL and vice versa. After they changed the force out rule in the NFL we saw several examples of poor tackling where CBs were basically carrying receivers out of bounds on jump balls. Rule changes to affect the way the game is played and while I don't think it would be an every day occurrence, making PI a 15 yard penalty would bring about some deliberate interference in certain situations when a guy knows he is beat.

I don't like making penalties reviewable, it doesn't really help. What is the refs decide it wasn't PI but holding or illegal contact or hands to the face? those would not be reviewable and thus even though a flag was missed you won't get the call. If you make all penalties, called and not called, reviewable you are going to extend games through long reviews and especially under the 2 minute warning or overtime when all reviews have to come from the booth, it could get really messy.
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