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No to review. Games already take way way way too long to play. Adding more downtime by default is ridiculous.

Replays need to be less, not more. Also no to reviewing penalties in general. Bad idea. The fix for some of the bull**** that happened in the Baltimore game is to stop this ridiculous idea of making "all-star" officiating crews and somehow expect them to be consistent and work well together in the biggest games of the year. The league should rate crews as a whole (probably already do) and then promote those crews that have been together the entire year to do the playoff games.

Yes to removing the spot foul. I don't like 15 yards either. Make it a 10 yard penalty, automatic first down. If you purposely and flagarantly PI down field, make that one a spot foul and perhaps even an ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct if the situation warrants it.
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