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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
We started Keith Brooking last game.

Urlacher is an upgrade and provides that veteran presence.

That said, I would like to explore the draft for possible options.
Living in Chicagoland I get to watch a lot of Bear games, What I have seen from Urlacker is the following:

1) He can't get off blocks any more

2) He is inconsistent. One play he will fall off a RB but the next play he will power through a guy forcing him into the RB and taking the RB down.

3) He can still come up with an INT and score, something I don't remember Brooking doing.

4) He is a liablity in coverage, they moved away from their traditional Tampa 2 because they could not cover the seam anymore.

5) He hates the fans, not sure if he is a locker room cancer, the D players never say anything bad about him but there is a division in that locker room between the D and the O and I think Cutler and Urlacker are the reasons why.

6) The way he rehabbed his knee last time was odd. There was a story I heard on the score about him having his blood spun or something and he had some alternative med guy try some type of voodoo on it or something that didn't work.

He is an upgrade from Brooking but not sure if he is worth the risk. Maybe after a full offseason of rehab he can comeback and get another year or 2 out of his body.

I don't think he is going to go back to Chicago, If he is willing to just play somewhere near the Vet min then hell yes but if he wants to get one last payday then move on.
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