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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I saw a DP article that said when Fox laid down and played for OT, it sent a message to the team that he was not confident and it rubbed off on the players. I sorta felt like this right when it happened. I felt being passive and not taking a chance and playing to win the game showed the exact opposite, that we were playing it safe and trying not to lose. I think that clearly carried over to the players. I see it all the time in basketball. A team is down and they are playing like crap and then the game approaches the final few minutes and they start playing with a sense of urgency because they are trying to win the game. Positive attitude is everything.
Been the talk of the town, bud. Quotes like "Played right into the Raven's hands", "Exactly what the Raven's wanted", "Gave a beaten team life" seem to be popping up quite a bit here there and everywhere.

Not just the end of regulation decision, but the plays prior to it. Those were the important ones to keep pressure on the Ravens D. Denver just scored a go-ahead TD with 7:11 left, and wore out the Ravens D. Keep the pressure on, why not? Bring out the situational plays and keep the pressure on a worn out Ravens D.

Took the ball away from the Ravens O with 3:12 left to go at the Denver 31. Score again and end it. Instead they ran up the gut 5 consecutive times, and gave the Ravens a last gasp that they took advantage of.

If the Denver O was at the 45 or so, maybe do that 5 consecutive runs, but they were at their own 31 with 3:12 left in regulation. Get a couple of 8-9 yd passing plays there, get into field goal range, then go into run-the-clock mode and still get the FG.

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