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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
I could see that rule being abused, CONSTANTLY, then. Let's take the Rahim Moore example. If he just decided to takedown the receiver, and the penalty was only 15 yards, the Ravens may not have found the end zone...
Well, offenses take advantage of how the rule is now.

I don't know if a 15 yard max penalty is the solution either.

I also like aspects of a review and dislike aspects of a review for this particular penalty.

I think this boils down to "how do you limit the human element which can result in a bad call"

I think they should probably just tighten up the rule a bit more to take away an offensive advantage. For example, if the defender is positioned between the player and the ball and the offensive player initiates contact, no flag. But if the defender initiates contact, it's called.

Personally, I don't think it should be called for any underthrown ball...only when a defender egregiously fouls the offensive player.

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