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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
I wouldn't say that he's one of our highest paid players. He only made $1.8 in salary, which is the 14th highest on the team. And after being grossly underpaid for years, I'd say that's market value. Especially when you consider that he's probably the best kickoff guy in the league (especially when you consider that he kicks field goals, which some don't).

The guy is clutch when it matters. He has only one miss in the 4th quarter and OT for his career. If not for him, we might have won 5 or 6 games last year.
1) He got an additional $3M signing bonus this year, and he's due to make $2.5M next year which will likely put him in the top ten. His contract averages $3.25M per year.

2) He's pretty average on kickoffs, actually. His numbers just look better because he kicks at altitude. Away from Denver this year he had 19 TB in 45 attempts. (42%) That's league average at best, probably a little below.

3)He missed two kicks in the 4th quarter just this year.

4) He was 27th out of 38 in the league in FG% made this year. 29/36 in the league last year. 10/39 in 2010. 3/39 in 2009. 20/39 in 2008.

He made some clutch kicks last year, which was great, but clutch kick numbers are pretty susceptible to small number statistic problems. I'm not advocating dumping him, but he's not as good as a lot of people think, and he's overpaid.
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