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Well, Denver has only six picks this draft, one in each round except the Bunkley trade removes a sixth rounder, so not a lot to work with there (also late in each round).

I figure the FO sees the same things you guys do with respect to MLB, RB, OL, DT, safety.

I doubt they'll go big-money FA anywhere, that doesn't seem to fit the past pattern. Since Fox and Elway got here they've been picking guys off other team's practice squads and mid-tier FA's. What we want and what they do are two different things. Guys like Melton don't seem to fit the team philosopy of value FA signings. If they can get a low-ball offer in for Knighton, I could see that happening. Rev and other guys have been hollering for years to sign big-money longterm contract FA's like Jonathan Joseph, Mebane, Cofield, etc. But they were apparently too much big-money/longterm contract for the Broncos.

They probably like most of their starters for another year, and like their draftees from last year in Bolden, Blake, Trevathan. Probably counting on Walton coming back strong, and Kuper.

So I figure in the draft it will be:
1) MLB
2) RB
3) BPA among OL/DT/safety
5) BPA whatever
7) BPA of course

No telling what tradeups/tradedowns they'll do. They've shown if the guys they wanted aren't there, they will trade down. And vice-versa.

Trading down from #28 might be a good thing if the MLB they want isn't there (and I'm assuming they even want a MLB). They might want to roll the dice on DJ Williams. Having extra draft picks in a deep draft might be the way to go, it's not like they have extra picks early.
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