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I wouldn't say that he has played a majority of his snaps man to man given Mike Archer and the roots of his defense. He has always been a zone guy, and when Amerson does play in man coverage, it's off-man seven yards down the field so he can spy the QB and make his read and go for the ball. I think you are getting enamored with his long and lengthy frame thinking that shows he can have the grit and toughness to press. I just don't see him doing that at NC State (I'm an FSU and ACC fan.)

If a team takes Amerson pretty high, I bet they are going to put him at safety. Many reports are already coming out that teams saying that is their primary interest in him. If he doesn't play FS, he is going to play in a zone heavy defense where he can do what he does best. As stated before, he doesn't have the recovery speed necessary to effectively be a press-man guy. I would be shocked if he ran under a 4.5.

Not somebody I'm willing to throw a risk down on.
Req, I live in ACC territory.. I have also watched him. Yes his man to man was not at the LOS. Let's just agree to disagree with him. I'm not sure I would like him at FS I'm not sure he brings that type of physicality to the position.

I am enamored with his ball skills and the flashes of being a stud that he has shown, but again I believe in drafting for value. I would consider him in the second and would no doubt pull the trigger if he falls to the third. I think he can be refined.
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