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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
And what CAUSED him to do that? He was over compensating because of the elements. If we were in a dome, do you really think he tries to overkick a measley 52 yarder when he can normally kick it over 60 with room to spare.

There's a reason that when he was kicking to the other side of the field, he (and the other kicker) were kicking it into the stands and when they were kicking it the other way, they were lucky to reach the 3 yard line. The elements were most definitely a factor.
What CAUSED him to do it the other times he missed make-able kicks this year? Weather? Or is he inside his own head?

He missed something like 7 of his last 23 attempts this season. They weren't all in cold weather.

We need to explore the very real possibility that we need to find a good, consistent kicker somewhere before next season.
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