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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by MplsBronco View Post
This has been debated here before. I should without a doubt be treated like it does in college. 15 yards if beyond 15 and spot foul if under 15 yard. The 30, 40, 50 yard BS is not fair especially when you consider how inconsistently it is called.

Most assuredly we will get people in here who will make asinine arguments that if a 15 yard penalty then dbs will be committing PI on purpose when they are beat.

But that is such a stupid argument because if they are beat that bad they aren't in a position to commit PI. This isn't an issue in the college game.
I sorta like where you're going but 15 yards is not enough penalty. I think 25 yards is a better fit for the pro game. Anything under 25 yards is a spot foul and anything over is max 25 yards. The NFL is a pass happy league and they want scoring to be very high, it's what makes most fans happy. They will never change this rule. The last thing they want is to have CB's even think about a PI call on a huge play knowing the max penalty is only 15 yards.
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