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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I know your not arguing, never said you were.
Your debating and discussing your opinion on the matter.
I like Lacy. Always have. Hes a monster of a runner.
He actually reminds me of Marshawn Lynch, but a bit bigger to me.
I just think that there are other options away from the 1st round that are just as good. RBs get so much mileage so fast, and they get beat up.
Thats why i say keep Hester too. For short yardage.
the 1st rounder needs to be a slam dunk for DEN. Like Von.
Its absolutely crucial DEN gets a starter with that pick that can make an immediate impact.
To me, its crucial that pick is on defense. Either a CB or a MLB.
Then go after a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round.
I concur sir, for me I would like MLB or DT in the 1st rd. But as I have stated, I haven't really began my studying of entering prospects. I have heard this could be a deep CB draft. I know it's a very deep O-line draft, but a lot will be going early. So I still have my due diligence to do in that area.
So for me BPA between MLB, DT, and CB in the 1st rd would be good. Anything outside of that would be questionable unless a RB just totally jumps off the page and impresses Elway and Fox.
It is evident to me that you have done that studying and know the incoming prospects better, so once I know that better I'll be able to offer my two cents a little better.
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