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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
Yep BB,, and the other excuse he had for doing it was the "team had just taken a right cross to the chin and was stunned and on the ropes so I thought it best to wait until the next round"!!

That may work in boxing but the analogy is a weak excuse in playoff football! The offense did NOT take it on the chin .. the defense did. Let the Offense go out there and have a decent shot with PMFM to rescue the game!!

Even Foxys vaunted 'stats' and 'percentages' upon which he plays this game were wrong and misleading. You have to know when the stats need to be thrown out the window Foxy .... And in this case you were wrong in any event, the real stats tell you to go for it .. P.S. just ask Atlanta!
His reasoning might work really well to end the half and Broncos get the ball starting the 2nd half but when you have a chance to win it in regulation, go for it! You have a HOF QB and good wide receivers to take the chance. Even if Peyton throws an INT on their side of the field, there might only be 10 seconds left and no timeouts. Of course they could then chuck it to Boldin for the hail mary score over Moore.
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