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Bmore Manning

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The guy went from being a potential Top 10 selection at the beginning of the year to being a 2nd-3rd round draft projection. I respect Bmore's opinion, but I just don't see him going to a team that is going to have him playing press. He is going to have to be in the right scheme to succeed in the NFL. Best fit in the NFL is a zone heavy scheme. I still wouldn't be surprised if he is moved to FS either. He reminds me a lot of Sean Smith of the Dolphins.
Maybe his size, but he has ball skills and body control/ fluidity like Cromartie. He took too many chances this year, and like you said when he's on he's a top talent. The kid could be refined and his technique improved. He has played majority man to man, why is it hard to envision him learning to bump/jam at the line? And he's fast.. I'm not sure why he couldn't learn these simple techniques..? Give me the value pick of Amerson in the second even third round, when he has top 10 skill written all over him. His ceiling is much much higher.
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