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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by maven View Post
3rd and 7 and you run the ball... i cant believe some of you are defending that play. its foxball p***Y ****. you play to win the ****ing game. at worst you can roll out manning and take a shot and if its not there he slides. p***Y ball doesnt win super bowls.
He could have thrown on 2nd down when Ravens thought we would be running out the clock. THat is more believable. We had them where we wanted. The run wasn't a bad idea but not even trying to get the first down was retarded. It was like he wanted to run up the middle to set the ball in the middle of the field for a field goal attempt? Nope. A ****ing punt. Let Hilman get to the outside with open space. Fake handoff to Hester and pitch outside (or handoff for safety).

With Fox taking a knee to go into overtime (and not be guaranteed to regroup the offense because of a coin flip), he was playing scared like Marty ball did against us during the first drive. If Fox doesn't want to be pegged as Marty Ball, he better fix this way of thinking.
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