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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Amerson put in one of the worst CB performances in recent history in our game against them this year. Dude was destroyed by Philip Dorsett and Rashawn Scott all day.......oh and he pulled a Rahim the Dream at the end of the game for the winning TD on a 60 yard TD.
The guy went from being a potential Top 10 selection at the beginning of the year to being a 2nd-3rd round draft projection. I respect Bmore's opinion, but I just don't see him going to a team that is going to have him playing press. He is going to have to be in the right scheme to succeed in the NFL. Best fit in the NFL is a zone heavy scheme. I still wouldn't be surprised if he is moved to FS either. He reminds me a lot of Sean Smith of the Dolphins.
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