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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I don't know. Vick has proven over and over again to be a bad decision maker, a turnover machine, and injury prone. I suppose it's possible, but I almost think it's more likely they either adjust Kelly's system for Nick Foles or try to bring in somebody else at QB. If they keep Vick they have to pay him $15.5 million in 2013! Contract details below:
Yes, Vick's contract is out of control but I think Vick is smart enough to know that his chances of being the #1QB on another team are dwindling rapidly so he will probably restructure. The pistol offense can be run with Nick Foles too. Look what Shanny did with Cousins when RG3 went down. I think Kelly would love the opportunity to work with Vick and vice versa, but this is pure speculation on my part.

KState ran the pistol offense with a big, tall white kid too.

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